Digital by Conspiração


Leader in the Latin American market, Conspiração boasts its own post-production and VFX house: Digital by Conspiração. With more than 25 years in the industry, the department specializes in executing projects of a variety of scales and complexity. Among its achievements are five nominations to the Cinema Brazil Grand Prize for Best Special Effects, having won in that category with the feature film The Man from the Future. The department’s work is recognized and certified by the major players of the AV industry, including Amazon, Netflix, HBO, FOX, Warner, Discovery, Sony, Paramount, Universal, and Globo. Conspiração’s post-production and VFX department makes a point of taking part in all stages of a project, from the initial concepts to the final product. By having access to the first drafts of each work, our professionals are able to scale, plan, and contribute to the project even before the first day of shooting—guaranteeing the high level of security and quality such projects require.


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