Digital by Conspiração

Team and process:

Conspiração’s post-production department is present in all stages of the project, from the initial concepts to the final product. By having access to the first drafts of each work, the visual effects supervisors, effects producers, and post coordinators are able to scale, plan, and contribute to the project even before the first day of shooting. And once the film does go to post, the team of post producers, editors, compositing artists, 3D and motion designers will work to meet all of the project’s demands. As the development, production, and post-production processes are all done in-house, Conspiração is able to guarantee the high level of security, quality, and agility such projects require. 


Conspiração’s post-production and VFX department is equipped with a collaborative media solution based on the Quantum StorNext File System, which provides easy scalability and unlimited storage expansion. An integrated and automated LTO library allows for raw footage to be backed up immediately as it becomes available. The management of projects, media, and software configuration is entirely done through Elements PAM, thus guaranteeing tasks are appropriately distributed and all accesses are traceable. The department’s technological facilities currently comprise 50 interconnected workstations which can also be accessed remotely and securely via FTP, VPN, and web browsers with user-specific access restrictions. Also available is the Elements-integrated Media Library, through which ongoing projects can be presented to and monitored by clients and collaborators.